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     Original Children’s Sing along Songs


                "Friends Friends Friends”                      


                         CC LaRochelle 

                       Sing along Songs

                                 *KID and Parent Tested and Approved*


                30 years                                                      

                            of happy singing & listening 

                           by kids, parents and grandparents 

                                  all over the world ! 

Friends Friends Friends Kalensky, Larochelle 2020 ©

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             30 years of fun ! 

OH MY ...!!!!    I remember EVERYONE of these songs!                                                                                                                               My favorite was "IN A MINUTE” ....YAAAAY!! 

...thanks so much for this page! S and L will LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!                                                                                               


Oh My!    I forgot how much I loved this music!

 It's SO fun and SO well done! 

Just listened to the "In a Minute Waltz" and SMILED and SMILED and chuckled                

all the way through………………………Yeay! 


        Great Driving Music - Positive and Fun !

      THANK YOU !              

            enjoy !


                      "CC & Honey, Harry and Friends”

                                             ©1990/2014/2021  Kalensky & LaRochelle

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