Friends Friends Friends Kalensky, Larochelle 2020 ©

10 Original Children's Songs 

by Cc LaRochelle and Harry Kalensky, 

from the Children's Music Album: 

"Friends Friends Friends" 

Performed by CC and Honey LaRochelle, 

Harry Kalensky, Peter Kilgour, 

Vancouver BC, Canada,

Our 25 year Anniversary! 

Cecile LaRochelle 


Harry Kalensky Productions

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*also the songs 

" The Time Song "by Harry Kalensky and Cecile LaRochelle is featured on 

JUNO nominated album of 1991 Sandra Beech's ''Yes I Can'' 


album "Yes I Can" 

Sandra Beech " Times Just Ticking Away " 

and "Friends, Friends, Friends" 

©1990 written by Harry Kalensky & CC LaRochelle


Harry and Cecile Larochelle have just re-released their children's album "Friend Friends Friends", available at Reverb Nation and iTunes, CD Baby, and heard on Janga Radio: CC Larochelle and Harry Ka...: Heroes, The Ambulance Song sun... - Jango 

FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS with CC and Harry. Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos

Cecile Larochelle is the owner / operator of LaRochelle Vocal Studios, 

where, as a member of the International Voice Teachers of Mix she 

teaches the vocal method known as “Mix”.  She is also the director of 

her Community Choir  AnySingGoes.  The name speaks for itself.  The 

choir sings any songs that have a positive message and uplift the 

singers and audience.  The choir is also a vehicle for Cecile to teach 

the Mix. 

She's been singing since she learned how to make sound and has enjoyed 

over thirty years of experience as a successful voice teacher, 

performing artist, published songwriter, vocal producer, artist 

manager, musical theatre vocal coach and mother of two daughters 

pursuing their own careers in the entertainment industry.

Singing is Sustained Laughter - extremely positive for body, mind and soul.  


Harry Kalensky's BIO 

Harry Kalensky has been in the eyes and ears of Canadians for over four decades. 

As the original bass player of Canada's Trooper, his contributions have enjoyed multi platinum awards and many of the songs have become Canadian Rock standards that have aired over 250,000 times, Two For The Show, Boys In The Bright White Sportscar, Santa Maria, and many more. 

Harry and Cecile Larochelle have just re-released their children's album "Friend Friends Friends", available at Reverb Nation and iTunes. 

FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS with CC and Harry. Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos 

Harry is currently performing with "Christine Best and the Pics" who have just released their version of James Brown's "Man's World" also available at Reverb Nation and iTunes. Christine Best & The Pics Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos 

Harry has appeared in many television productions and movies as an actor but the theatre holds a special place in his heart. Harry has had a long association with the Arts Club Theatre. He performed at the Seymour Street location of early productions including "The Masters" that had Pia Shandell in the leading role. 

Harry composed the music for "Snowing on Saltspring Tra La", the musical version of Nicola Cavendish's perenial Christmas favorite,"Snowing on Saltspring". 

Harry was "Lewd Fingers" in two productions of "Angry Housewives" byA.M. Collins and Chad Henry 

Harry Kalensky Productions

Honey Larochelle's Bio 

“If I don’t have a show of my own, I’ll be at Honey's’ show cheering her on! She is so talented, I just want to produce her!” -Roberta Flack 

“Honey is a pure artist. Her voice drips of love and sex. Her words are magic” -Macy Gray 

“You know what’s hot about her... she can really sing but she delivers her songs like an emcee.” -Eric Sermon (EPMD) 

Vancouver born, Texas raised, Florida reformed, Brooklyn saved, Miss Honey Larochelle has been making audiences around the world jump out of their seats. Her warm yet edgy mash-up of classic soul, hip-hop, electro-pop and reggae is appealing to audiences, young and old. 

After years of singing lead for The Brand New Heavies, and performing with artists including Joss Stone, Macy Gray and Roberta Flack, Honey is releasing her first solo album. HONEY reflects a more mature, more juicy exposé, showcasing a crisp, soaring soprano and capturing her dynamic songwriting and production skills. 

HONEY is about transition, growth, and the chapters of love. It’s about taking flight from one chapter to the next. Whether it’s your mother, your money or your lover, we all change, and grow, and turn the page sometimes. So I tell that story using everything from soulful-pop to funk to reggae,” says Honey.

Beyond performing, Honey’s passion for the architecture of music has led to her being hired to write songs, arrange vocals, and vocal produce for several artists, like Jennifer Hudson, who says “I’ve never seen anything like her. She just asked me a few questions about myself and my life, and next thing you know she had a verse and hook written.”

Without a doubt, Honey is a triple-threat: an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician. With her chameleon-like talents, glowing persona, and passion for the stage, Honey Larochelle is a name to remember and a classic to hold on to. Buzz. HoneyLarochelle.com

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